Latest Draw Result 40,000 First 060692 Second-- 338995-330433-751873 Admin-Shakari bhai 0312-4228328 Zidi baba --co admin 0342-9263771
Latest Draw Result 40,000 RAW
First 060692
Second 338995-330433-751873
Complet List Chek
Hint For Next 1500 Qutta Draw
Open 2<><>4<><>6<><>7
Close 1<><>4<><>6<><>8
Centere 0<><>2<><>6<><>9
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Winner List
1500 Qutta
16.11.2015 7500 draw

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Best game for 1500 draw date-16-11-2015
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Mubarak baad

good luck all best gamer
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